Our Services

Deane Group International Ltd has particular expertise and experience
in Ukraine's oil and gas sector and provides advice and services in
areas such as oil/gas business strategy development, investment
project development, government and external relations, business and
political analysis, and corporate representation.

We carry out consultancy work on an hourly, weekly, monthly or period
arrangement depending upon client requirements.  Additionally  we
conduct  client-specified in-depth studies (fixed price or time and
materials) on specific aspects of Ukraine's Oil and Gas Sector and/or
broader regional and international oil and gas issues.  We also
provide high level corporate representation on behalf of client
companies or individuals who may not be ready yet to establish a
permanent corporate presence in Ukraine.

We maintain high-level relationships with senior Ukrainian
government, political and business decision-makers critical to the
success of major oil and gas industry investment projects in Ukraine.

In addition to the oil and gas sector, and based on our extensive
experience in Ukraine, we provide a range of business services
directed to providing assistance and advice to individuals or business
teams making exploratory visits to Ukraine, and to companies and
organisations wishing to become established in the country.  This is
helped very much by both our in-country knowledge and our
well-developed network of international and Ukrainian companies in
the areas of law, audit/accounting, finance/banking and marketing/PR.

Important relationships are also maintained with the diplomatic and
international business communities in Kyiv, particularly Ambassadors
and staff of the Embassies of the UK, USA, Canada and the European
Union, and with representatives of the World Bank, IMF and EBRD.

Our company is an active member in Ukraine of the British-Ukrainian
Chamber of Commerce, and the American Chamber of Commerce of

Our client list has a strong international content including Lateral
Vector Resources (Canada), Momentum Energy Inc (Canada),
Carpatsky Petroleum (Canada & USA), Cardinal Resources (UK),
Europa Oil and Gas (UK), Rolls Royce Power Ventures (UK), Marsh
(USA), Shell International Gas (UK), PetroSantander Inc (USA),
Mercantile International Petroleum Inc (USA),  KPMG Ukraine (for the
State Oil and Gas Company, Naftogaz Ukrainy), Nadra Group
(Ukraine), Rudis Drilling Company (Ukraine), Vanco International Ltd
(USA), Vanco Ukraine Ltd, Vanco Prykerchenska Ltd (Ukraine).

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Deane Group International Ltd: Oil and Gas Consultancy Services