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Dr Jim Bown

Dr Jim Bown is the founder of The Deane Group (Ukraine), which is
a Ukrainian energy consultancy company he established in June
2000.  He is also the founder of Deane International Limited which
he started in May 2001 to extend his consultancy and business
services activities to a global client base.  Subsequently these two
companies have been merged to form a single company:  Deane
Group International Ltd, of which Jim Bown is the founder,
President and CEO.

He has extensive experience in the global energy industry, having
worked for more than 25 years with British Petroleum (BP) in the
international oil and gas sector.  From 1993-97 he was involved in
BP’s business development activities in Baku, Azerbaijan where he
helped to design and implement the company’s Government and
External Relations strategy.  During his time in Azerbaijan the first
of the major Caspian Sea oil production sharing agreements was
signed with the Azeri Government.  Following this in April 1997 he
moved to Kyiv to establish BP’s new corporate offices and to
become the BP Group’s Chief Business Representative in
Ukraine.  From 1997 to 2000 he was involved in the development
and implementation of BP’s upstream oil and gas investment
strategy for Ukraine, the principal focus of which was the
exploration and development of potentially very large on-shore
natural gas resources in Ukraine’s Dnipro-Donets Basin.  He
again helped to design and implement BP’s Government and
External relations strategy for Ukraine.  He retired from BP in March
2000 to establish his energy industry consultancy practice.  

Jim Bown provides advice and services to clients in areas such as
oil/gas business development, investment project implementation,
government and external relations, and business and political
analysis.  His client list has a strong international content, and
since June 2005 he has represented the US oil exploration
company Vanco Energy Company in Ukraine.  During this time he
helped Vanco to win Ukraine’s first Black Sea production sharing
tender competition in April 2006, and then contributed to Vanco’s
successful negotiation and execution on 19 October 2007 of the
country’s first oil and gas production sharing agreement covering
almost 13,000 km2 of the deep waters of the Ukrainian Black Sea.  
In July 2008 Jim Bown was appointed President (CEO) of the
Vanco affiliate company (Vanco Prykerchenska Ltd) which was
established to carry out the deep water oil/gas exploration under
the terms of the production sharing agreement.  Political problems
created by the Ukrainian Government during 2008 resulted in two
years of international arbitration against Ukraine in Stockholm,
followed by a further year of settlement negotiations with the
Ukrainian Government which resulted in an amicable resolution of
the dispute.  In 2014 as a consequence of the annexation of
Crimea by the Russian Federation, the Prykerchenska Project was
frozen. Because of this in March 2015 Jim Bown left Vanco to
pursue his consultancy activities.

He maintains high-level relationships with senior Ukrainian
government, political, and business decision-makers critical to the
success of major oil and gas industry investment projects in
Ukraine.  Important relationships are also maintained with the
diplomatic and international business communities in Kyiv,
particularly Ambassadors and staff of the Embassies of the UK,
USA, Canada and the European Union, and with representatives of
the World Bank, IMF and EBRD.

Jim Bown has a Doctorate in Engineering Science (Manchester,
UK) and he is a Chartered Engineer (UK).  He is a Professional
Member of the Chartered Management Institute (UK), a member of
the Institute of Directors (UK) and a Professional Member of the
Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (UK).  He is a Fellow of
the UK Institute of Corrosion in which Institute he has also served
as President.  He is a former Chairman of the Board of Directors of
the British-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce (BUCC) of which he
remains a Director.  He is an active member of the American
Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine.

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